Concept of Death

As I am given opportunity to live for around 25 years old now, I observe that we as human feel too comfortable to live in this world. We feel too familiar with our body, our family, our friends, our things, our money, our career, and the list goes on. And it feels like everything is taken for granted. These familiarity creates the reason for forgetting the death. We want to avoid death, we want to ‘cheat’ death.

limited time

We live each day as if we are going to live forever. We forget to do things that we are supposed to do in first place. As I am person who have a belief and religion, I am supposed to do ‘ibadah’ and ‘amal shaleh’ every single time. People may disagree with me when i say ‘every single time’ but I believe this is the ultimate goal of life.

We start using our life on earth as excuse to delay or even forget our ‘ibadah’ activities. We use work as excuse to pray salah late, not on time. We use sleep and take a rest as reason not to remember Allah. We use our social life as excuse it is included as ibadah activities, as if it is more important than the obvious ibadah itself.

Yet, death is the destination all human share. It is one of the truth in our life. From my perspective, dead is the best invention of life. It replaces the old with new. We don’t know WHEN we are going to die. But it’s not important point, at least in my perspective. The point we need to pay more attention is in WHAT stance and condition we are going to die.

Actually, you can utilize concept of death to improve your life. By leveraging concept of dead, you understand that no external expectation, worry, fear of failure, fear of embarrassment can affect you in negative way, since all these things fall before death. You can deadly serious to pursue your goal if you are only given limited time. And it’s not if anyway. It is the truth. You have numbered days in your life.

I will close this article with two important questions we need to ask to ourselves.

“if today were the last day of my life, would i want to do what i am about to do today?”

“if today were the last day of my life, would I have enough preparation to meet Allah ? would I have enough supply to survive afterlife universe? would I stand up confidently in Judgement Day?”

Lets hope we are going to have the best life and afterlife. I really hope this article can serve as reminder for me 🙂

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