How I Change These Past 2 Years

2 years ago, I had typical dream as most senior university student and fresh graduate have. I wanted to work in a good multinational company, gain pretty good salary, have incremental career development, and keep continue doing that until I will be reaching my old days.

Even 1 month before I graduated, I was lucky enough to get the job. It’s not company many people know, but it’s still multinational company that has name in its business, marine paint business, seizing almost 20% market share in the industry.

I was grateful with the job. At that time, around 2014-2015, was probably my hardest time, in terms of economy. My dad stopped working in 2014, and in 2015, my mom experienced unfortunate event of being hypnotised in a public transportation, eventually our family lost all our saving in the bank. I was still grateful that my mom is still safe with that incident.

So even before I graduated, I accepted the job offering, without thinking too much. I felt that I have responsibility to at least help my family.

In the beginning time of my career, everyday I would commute using angkot to reach my working place in Tangerang. It takes around 30 minutes to reach my working place. This happened for around 1.5 years from August 2015 until end 2016, before ride hailing service like Gojek, Grab, and Uber come.

Commuting with angkot was not convenient, since it’s slow and less safe, but it was probably blessing in disguise for me. Everyday, I had 30 minutes commute time to open my smartphone, read news or self-development articles from the likes of Forbes and Fortune in angkot. From this activity, I know Mark Zuckerberg. From this, I know Elon Musk, I know Larry Page, I know Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos, and so on. Those are very inspiring people that shape billions of people life.

Then, I asked myself “can I reach their level, improving people life to make legacy in this cruel world ?” I asked this question everyday.

Then, I started sort things that I thought I have passion and capability on it. As chemical engineer graduate, I feel like I have capability of processing raw materials into valuable products, taking account of technical aspect, economical aspect, safety aspect, and so on. Also I love the idea about sustainability, particularly about energy, to preserve our environment. Then I conclude the best thing I can do is probably related to Waste to Energy concept, converting Used Cooking Oil into Biodiesel.

So in early 2016, I started analyzing market of Used Cooking Oil. I started calling some people number I found on internet that they say they collect UCO. I wanted to know what these guys are doing about UCO, and also the economical aspect like price, quantity, etc.

I tried entering a lot of idea and innovation competitions, even become Top 12 United Nation Development Program (UNDP) Big Ideas Competition 2016 and 2nd Winner Falling Walls Competition 2017.

I also made crazy bet by registering company in mid 2017 called CV Jelantah Life, though I never make any revenue at that time.

I really want to become entrepreneur. I want to have independent life but still contribute to society by doing something good. Those wildly successful entrepreneurs I mentioned above like Mark Zuckerberg are solving world problem, and earn money as reward. This can only happen if you choose to become entrepreneur. You can’t do much if you are just an employee of a company.

We need money to keep living. We can’t deny it. But we can choose how to earn that money, by being an employee or by risking everything start the business.

One thing for sure, these past 2 years have change my life, my mind, for the better. I am really grateful for it, and now I need to step up the game, work smart, and let God do the rest.

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