My Personal Reason to Take Scholarship and Study Abroad

Goedenmorgen! It's been awhile since I wrote something on my personal website. I have been very productive adjusting new life in Netherlands. I have been living here for 4 months now. I am really grateful for opportunity to study and live abroad. Today, I want to share my reason to take my life lottery of scholarship... Continue Reading →


Life Lesson From My Car Accident

When I was 4 years old, I had been in fatal car accident. It happened when I was on my way going to kindergarten. The preschool car crashed with other car, all the car mirror window glasses were broken due to strong collision. But amazingly, I was fine. The only reason I was not even... Continue Reading →

America Vs China In Technology

Recently we have heard 'trade war' news all over media. Trade war is mostly about USA and China, the world two largest economy. It's interesting if we see it from different perspective, from sector that apparently move us very fast for these past 20 years, technology sector. American tech giants definitely still have upper hand... Continue Reading →

How Amazon Beat Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft

The race is on. Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft compete each other for digital era supremacy. The topic is circling around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Voice Assistant, Self Driving Car, and other sophisticated technologies. First, for voice assistant, Amazon Alexa has been winning since its first launch in 2014. Before, Apple Siri obviously became buzz,... Continue Reading →

Learn From Norway

Today we are going to learn more about Norway as a country. 1) Norway population is around 5.2 million. To put it in context, Jabodetabek alone consists of 28 million people. 2) Norway is granted with oil since 1970s. Statoil as Norway state owned company and other oil and gas companies start drilling and producing... Continue Reading →

How Produce 48 Inspire Me

96 girls compete for top 12 spot to form global girlgroup. This is what Mnet survival program 'Produce 48' offers. I had yet to watch survival program, but I do have one favorite girlgroup coming from survival program in 2016, named IOI, from Produce 101. Truth to be told, I.O.I was the one who inspire... Continue Reading →

How Gojek will Elevate Indonesia

I will start with one premise 'If you look carefully, developed countries at least have one multinational company that has strong presence in international market.' South Korea has Samsung, which accounts to almost 20% Korea GDP. Samsung Electronics revenue in Q2 2018 alone stands in $52 billion, and its operating income is $13.2 billion. Nestle... Continue Reading →

What does your heart say ?

I write this article as reminder for myself to keep following my heart. Regret is a funny thing.   When we think about something major we want to do -- start a business, change careers, move, etc. -- we think about how much we'll regret making that decision if it doesn't work out. We're afraid we'll regret doing what... Continue Reading →

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