Reminder for Myself

The truth about life is simple : every person on earth is going to face death soon, not even billionaires or president can't avoid it Soon, it is because the average life expectancy of people, around 70-80 years, are relatively short compared to the endless afterlife period. Therefore, I need to remind myself, every single... Continue Reading →

Trip to Milan Italy

Beberapa hari yang lalu, saya melakukan perjalanan short vacation ke Milan, Italy. Berikut saya ingin menceritakan beberapa pengalaman saya.   Transportasi Dari kota asal saya Enschede, saya menaiki kereta menuju Bandara Schiphol Amsterdam. Karena hari itu adalah hari Jumat, saya keluar dari bandara untuk mencari masjid terdekat. Masjid terdekat dari bandara Schiphol adalah Masjid Ar-rahman (lokasi... Continue Reading →

Life Lesson From My Car Accident

When I was 4 years old, I had been in fatal car accident. It happened when I was on my way going to kindergarten. The preschool car crashed with other car, all the car mirror window glasses were broken due to strong collision. But amazingly, I was fine. The only reason I was not even... Continue Reading →

Give and Take

There is orphanage near my home 🏡  named Yayasan Seia Sekata. It's located on Bekasi Street No. 17, Jatinegara, Jakarta. They have 50 orphan there. The oldest one is in high school, the youngest in is baby 1 year old. As I went there several times, i witness that there a lot of people that... Continue Reading →

Role Model

These past 3 years, my life is full of ups and downs. There are a lot of things I experience for the first time. There are a lot of things happened during these short of times. At one time, I was not sure about my life, about my purpose, about my future. There are a... Continue Reading →

How I Change These Past 2 Years

2 years ago, I had typical dream as most senior university student and fresh graduate have. I wanted to work in a good multinational company, gain pretty good salary, have incremental career development, and keep continue doing that until I will be reaching my old days. Even 1 month before I graduated, I was lucky... Continue Reading →

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