My Personal Reason to Take Scholarship and Study Abroad


It’s been awhile since I wrote something on my personal website. I have been very productive adjusting new life in Netherlands. I have been living here for 4 months now. I am really grateful for opportunity to study and live abroad. Today, I want to share my reason to take my life lottery of scholarship to study abroad.


About 2 years ago, around October 2017, Allah SWT blessed me with scholarship opportunity. I applied scholarship from Indonesia Ministry of Finance called LPDP, and thankfully I am granted for this scholarship. My particular reason to apply for scholarship and study abroad is because I want to give myself time and rethink my life purpose. With scholarship, I will have financial security covered for at least 2 years. I don’t need to worry about earning money. I don’t need to work from 8AM-5PM every weekdays. Sure, as student I still need to go to class, do my assignment, and have exam. However, at university, you don’t have to attend the class from 8AM-5PM so it’s clearly give you more free time compared to when you work. I can utilize the free time to be with myself. I like to be in peace, quiet, and calm environment. I mostly spend my time here at my home, not travelling as many people do. I am confident to say that my decision to take the scholarship and study abroad really benefits me a lot in a way I can’t comprehend.


I live around 100 meters from mosque, and with that privilege, I have more time to pray in mosque. On my room, with super fast internet speed, I can learn more about my religion through streaming service like Youtube. The learning knowledge is really helpful to navigate my life these days. I start to realize the importance of ibadah, amal saleh, kindness for my own benefit. Apparently, Allah SWT asks us to pray not because Allah SWT needs our pray, but because we need Allah SWT. We need to be in peaceful state. We need to be in iman and taqwa state. And ibadah, amal saleh, and kindness help us to achieve that. And hopefully I can be istiqamah to keep doing that. That’s all for now. I will also start writing my life experience here in next posts. Therefore, stay tune! Dankjewel

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