Life is Series of Experiment and Your Experiment Should Have Purpose related to Judgement Day

Tonight, I pray maghrib and isya in mosque near my home. Lots of people come, around 70 people praying together. And I come to realize, most people come to mosque are in late 50s or 60s. Maybe less than 10 people are in their 30s and 40s. This view, I believe is mostly common seen in mosque all over our country. Then I have big question to myself

“will I also repeat same life cycle, so busy building career and family in my 20s,30s,40s, then only get chance to pray in mosque diligently in my 50s,60s ?

Most people excuse themselves for not praying diligently in mosque mainly for economic reason, they (and still me included) are so busy for work. As I am currently 24 years old and come to realize the meaning of life through joy, hardship, career, I learn the hard way that we really have very limited time, and at the end of our life, we will face Judgement Day. we can’t escape it. So we should use our time wisely. And by concentrating my 20s,30s,40s in career probably not wise choice.


So I decide to experiment in my life, to change the current answer of my question in first paragraph. My decision is (soon) to become entrepreneur, I don’t need to worry about money, about career, about anything that can become my excuse related to Judgement Day. By being entrepreneur, I will allow myself to work independently, the most important is time-free. Contrary to this, by becoming an employee of a company, your time, you mostly devote it for your work. You will use this again as excuse not praying diligently. That decision to become entrepreneur alone probably won’t let me change my current answer. It’s insanely hard. Ask any entrepreneurs out there. They work very hard, probably more than corporate employee, and this will also again as excuse to not praying diligently.

It’s clear to me that in Judgement Day, Allah math will be very fair and square. If we have more good than bad, we will enter jannah. If not, we will enter hell.

As one sunnah rasul said “Shalat berjamaah lebih utama 27 derajat dibandingkan shalat sendirian.” The math is very clear here. Lets say If we pray solat alone, we will get X good. If we pray solat together, we probably will get X+27 or 27X good. Whatever, if we pray solat together, we will end up get more good than we pray solat alone.

One of experiment I want to try in my life is to become entrepreneur that works insanely hard in my 20s, but also will try my best balancing it with my prayer or any activities related to God, then hopefully in my 30s,40s,50s, and hopefully so on, I can wake up peacefully every morning, goes to mosque for every solat.

You can say my dream is big or my dream is small. The dream to become entrepreneur is very big for many people. Most people still work as employee for someone company. The dream to be able to pray diligently is perceived simple by many people. But as I think harder and harder, I believe the second dream is harder to achieve. I want to try it, my experiment. So I don’t have any regret in my life.



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