Enter Stock Market with App

We have been saving money up until now from our job, yet we don’t know how to invest it nor we don’t want to spend it. Technology advancement makes it so easy for us to enter stock market. I recommend stock market since you can pretty much predict it in this era, instead of just using your saving as deposito, so you can gain more. With broad knowledge, you can reduce risk, so you can gain profit more.

In my experience, I start investing in stock market early this year. I invest in USA stock market (Dow Jones, S&P 500) through app called eToro. I believe that stock market in America is having momentum now, particularly in technology sector.


Don’t believe it ? Look at your surrounding now. You probably read this through your smartphone, either android (owned by Google) or iPhone (owned by Apple). Or you probably socialize yourself in social media like Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook). You are constantly searching for information through Google Search. You use Microsoft product, either Word, Excel, Presentation, and your company probably store data in cloud either in Amazon Web Service (owned by Amazon), Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Everything you do are all related to technology.

We can safely said that this tech companies have very great prospect in present and future. So how do you want to take part in this ?

You can invest on them through stock market. There are many tools now. I am using app called eToro. I invest in a tech company and a digital currency. This is my portfolio so far.


As you can see, my P/L (profit or loss) is definitely on profit (green color) and it can reach almost 40% and 234% within 6 month of my investment. In general, S&P stock will rise around 10% per year, so I can say my stock outperform S&P. With this in mind, actually whichever company you invest in S&P market, you will get 10% gain every year. Lets say you invest $5000 in company A, next year you will get 10% or around $500. This is much better than you save your money in bank.

In my case, lets say I invest $1000 in company A (profit 40%) and invest $1000 in company B (profit 236%). So If today I decide to sell the stock, I have gain around $400 from company A and $2360 from company B, within only 6 months. Pretty amazing right ?

You can ask me more, visit eToro website or even download the apps directly. One thing for sure, you need to keep updating your knowledge and understanding about market from the likes of Forbes, Bloomberg, Fortune, CNBC. It will definitely help you understand stock market specifically, and business in general.

Also you can learn whether investing is ‘halal’ or not from islam religion perspective from here https://journal.wahedinvest.com/the-halal-investing-guide/?=484dns

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