How Amazon Beat Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft

The race is on. Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft compete each other for digital era supremacy. The topic is circling around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Voice Assistant, Self Driving Car, and other sophisticated technologies. First, for voice assistant, Amazon Alexa has been winning since its first launch in 2014. Before, Apple Siri obviously became buzz,... Continue Reading →

Amazon is Amazing

Amazon is Amazing. That statement fits Amazon well. Amazon, as company, is really amazing. I will try to break down why Amazon is Amazing. Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company in the world, in 2017 its revenue is $177 billion. Amazon is also the biggest cloud IaaS company in the world, with market share over... Continue Reading →

Biggest Companies in The World

In this article, I would like to explain more about infographic of biggest companies in the world by revenue. The infographic is made by Fortune Magazine. Note : the unit is in billion dollar. Here are some interesting fact from this infographic.   Walmart is the biggest company in the world by revenue with $482... Continue Reading →

Kerennya Alexa, Asisten Pribadi Amazon Echo

Anda tahu Siri ? Siri adalah voice assistant yang terdapat pada produk perusahaan Apple seperti iPhone. Siri hanyalah satu dari voice assistant yang sedang hebring saat ini. Saya yakin sebagian besar pengguna iPhone di Indonesia tahu tentang Siri. Selain Siri, ada beberapa voice assistant lain yaitu Alexa (pada smart speaker Amazon Echo keluaran Amazon), Google Assistant... Continue Reading →

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