Pemanfaatan Minyak Jelantah menjadi Biodiesel di Jakarta

Minyak jelantah adalah minyak goreng bekas pakai setelah memasak makanan seperti ayam goreng, kerupuk, pempek, dan lainnya. Di Indonesia, setelah digunakan sebagian besar minyak jelantah dibuang begitu saja ke saluran pembuangan air dari dapur. Minyak jelantah ini akan merusak ekosistem perairan dan menyumbat sistem perpipaan. Data dari Asosiasi Biomassa Dunia menyebutkan bahwa setiap orang menghasilkan minyak... Continue Reading →


Teknologi Self-Driving Car

Teknologi apa yang saat ini sedang dikembangkan perusahaan-perusahaan terbesar dunia ? Jawabannya adalah teknologi self-driving car, atau mobil tanpa pengemudi. Perusahaan terbesar dunia mulai dari perusahaan otomotif, teknologi, software, semikonduktor sedang berusaha menjadi yang terdepan dalam hal tersebut. Contoh perusahaan tersebut diantaranya Google (Waymo), Apple, Tesla, GM, Ford, Uber, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Daimler Nvidia, dan... Continue Reading →

The Next Big Thing in Philanthropy : Uyolo

Have you ever involved in volunteering activities ? Have you donate your money for good deed in your local communities ? What do you feel after you engage with these kind of activities ? Some youngsters want to make these kind of activities easier for you. They make social media for volunteering and philanthropy named... Continue Reading →

Amazon Vs Alibaba

We are living in an era when we can buy anything just from our smartphone, for instance clothes, books, electronics, even groceries. This is thanks to disruption in commerce sector started by tech giants like Amazon and Alibaba. Amazon started in 1995 by Jeff Bezos, while Alibaba started it in 1999 by Jack Ma. It... Continue Reading →

Give and Take

There is orphanage near my home 🏡  named Yayasan Seia Sekata. It's located on Bekasi Street No. 17, Jatinegara, Jakarta. They have 50 orphan there. The oldest one is in high school, the youngest in is baby 1 year old. As I went there several times, i witness that there a lot of people that... Continue Reading →

Role Model

These past 3 years, my life is full of ups and downs. There are a lot of things I experience for the first time. There are a lot of things happened during these short of times. At one time, I was not sure about my life, about my purpose, about my future. There are a... Continue Reading →

Amazon is Amazing

Amazon is Amazing. That statement fits Amazon well. Amazon, as company, is really amazing. I will try to break down why Amazon is Amazing. Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company in the world, in 2017 its revenue is $177 billion. Amazon is also the biggest cloud IaaS company in the world, with market share over... Continue Reading →

Video KPop Faris

I love Kpop. Ever since I got to know Kpop in 2011, my life has been very happy and more colorful. I have found inspiration from them, SNSD, IOI, GFriend, Pristin. I gain strength. I meet a lot of new friends. I even visit South Korea 2 times, one by accident, one by planned trip.... Continue Reading →

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