Start With Why : Why I Start Belijelantah

Recently, I read a book ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek. In short, the book give me life lesson that you should always have question WHY in your life, WHY you decide to do this, WHY you go there, WHY you choose this career path, WHY you live, etc. WHY is such a powerful question... Continue Reading →


Role Model

These past 3 years, my life is full of ups and downs. There are a lot of things I experience for the first time. There are a lot of things happened during these short of times. At one time, I was not sure about my life, about my purpose, about my future. There are a... Continue Reading →

Amazon is Amazing

Amazon is Amazing. That statement fits Amazon well. Amazon, as company, is really amazing. I will try to break down why Amazon is Amazing. Amazon is the biggest e-commerce company in the world, in 2017 its revenue is $177 billion. Amazon is also the biggest cloud IaaS company in the world, with market share over... Continue Reading →

Video KPop Faris

I love Kpop. Ever since I got to know Kpop in 2011, my life has been very happy and more colorful. I have found inspiration from them, SNSD, IOI, GFriend, Pristin. I gain strength. I meet a lot of new friends. I even visit South Korea 2 times, one by accident, one by planned trip.... Continue Reading →

[Infografik] Tenaga Surya Vs Fosil untuk Listrik

Berikut adalah infografik yang membandingkan secara sederhana dampak penggunaan energi fosil dan tenaga surya untuk penggunaan listrik kita sehari-hari. Sebagian besar penggunaan listrik di Indonesia masih menggunakan energi fosil (minyak, gas, batubara) sebagai sumber bahan bakunya. Minyak, gas, dan batubara tersebut akan dibakar, dimana panasnya akan dimanfaatkan untuk mengubah air menjadi steam yang akan memutar... Continue Reading →

Masjid di Seoul (Yeongdeungpo) 

Bagi umat muslim, memang agak sedikit sulit untuk beribadah selama berada di Seoul atau Korea Selatan pada umumnya. But that does not stop you to keep praying since it's our responsibility and our needs. Di daerah Yeongdeungpo, ada satu masjid yang bisa menjadi tempat beribadah. Stasiun subway terdekat adalah stasiun Yeongdeungpo (Line 1). Tepat setelah... Continue Reading →

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