Life Lottery

I always thought getting scholarship to study abroad is my first and only one life lottery (so far). Right now, I am experiencing life and study in Netherlands thanks to it. It is something I am thankful for every single day. That is why I consider it as my first life lottery. But I was wrong. It’s actually the third. I have got the other first two life lotteries before. And it’s even more amazing.


The first one is I was born moslem, thanks to my parents and big family faith and religion. This is I personally think the best coincidence that occur in my life. I could had been being born from other parents who may have different faith and religion. I count there are more than 10 beliefs in the world, and the probability to be born as moslem actually pretty low. But Allah decide I was born as moslem.

The second one is my mom decision to make me study in islam elementary school called Nurul Iman. In this school I learn a lot more about islam value, pray, memorize Al-Quran verse, and every activities are related to islam. The thing is, about 15 years later, all things I learnt and did in Nurul Iman are still fresh in my mind, and become habit of my life which I believe will decide my future in afterlife.

Now that I already make assessment these three life lottery of my life, I have to make sure they can bring me to have enough preparation before meeting Allah SWT. Aamiin

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