How Amazon Beat Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft

The race is on.

Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft compete each other for digital era supremacy.

amazon amazon amazon

The topic is circling around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Voice Assistant, Self Driving Car, and other sophisticated technologies.

First, for voice assistant, Amazon Alexa has been winning since its first launch in 2014. Before, Apple Siri obviously became buzz, since there are almost 1 billion Apple device on consumer hand at that time.


Say no more. Amazon has developed cool hardwares since 2010 in its famous team Lab 126.

Amazon famously sell Amazon Echo with very cheap price. Its purpose is not about profit, but more about gather data from consumer.

Google also sell its voice assistant product with Google Home. But it is already late to party.

Amazon Alexa skill is much broader.

In conclusion, Amazon will finish Apple+Google in voice assistant market.

Second, cloud computing. Amazon is in distant lead over Microsoft Azure, GCP, IBM in IaaS market. Amazon Web Services market share is around 35% in cloud computing.


In conclusion, Amazon will finish Google+Microsoft in Cloud Computing Race.

Amazon will beat Walmart-Instacart for groceries battle in USA. Amazon has advantages on consumer data and price, and possibly greater reach after its acquisition of Whole Food.

amazon vs walmart
Amazon will finish in 2nd position of streaming race (behind netflix, not bad, considering it’s just part of amazon prime service bundle).

netflix amazon

For other retail market, Amazon will enter Middle East and broader Southeast Asia next year. Amazon will beat Flipkart-Walmart in close battle for India retail.

Fifth, self driving car. It may sounds odd because Amazon mostly play in retail and cloud computing market. But in retail operation, Amazon moves the goods from one place to another. That makes transportation crucial part for Amazon.

Amazon will become strong player in self driving car race, face head to head with Google, GM-Cruise.

amazon prime self driving

Amazon will team up with self driving car startup (, zoox, etc) to realize that dream.

Amazon will win various market, yet its profitability is still questionable. Retail only has 5% margin, Amazon cash cow a.k.a. AWS is the only hope to sustain Amazon growth in all market mentioned above.

Disclaimer : I may be biased since I adore Jeff Bezos and Amazon, but I try my best by stating facts and make analysis as sharp as possible.

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