America Vs China In Technology

Recently we have heard ‘trade war’ news all over media. Trade war is mostly about USA and China, the world two largest economy. It’s interesting if we see it from different perspective, from sector that apparently move us very fast for these past 20 years, technology sector.


American tech giants definitely still have upper hand for global domination, as you can see Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon are well known for most people on earth. America companies market valuation (market price x shareholder number) are still higher than its China peers. Yet, the rise of china tech giants are faster than ever, led by Alibaba and Tencent. You may see some unfamiliar name like china food delivery giant Meituan-Dianping or news site aggregator Toutiao.

Note that picture above are published few months ago so there sure are some change. For instance, Apple and Amazon market cap already reach $1 trillion. Also, Xiaomi is already on public stock market, as they had IPO not long ago, with valuation around $60 billion. Then few days ago, some banks assess Uber valuation can reach as high as $120 billion, as it prepares for IPO next year

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