How Produce 48 Inspire Me

96 girls compete for top 12 spot to form global girlgroup. This is what Mnet survival program ‘Produce 48’ offers. I had yet to watch survival program, but I do have one favorite girlgroup coming from survival program in 2016, named IOI, from Produce 101.


Truth to be told, I.O.I was the one who inspire me back then in 2016. I was working as engineer at that time. I almost settled for my life. But I didn’t see I was impactful enough for people, I didn’t see I was happy enough to live, I didn’t see I challenge myself enough to seize my dream. Fast forward, in 2018, I found myself doing something I have never done before. It really feels like I am riding roller coaster. It really feels like I am winning my life lottery. Apply for scholarship and gotta start master study, Take risks to start business seriously, start investing in myself through book and other knowledge sourcestaking care of my health affectionately, spend my free time with kpop and k-variety (anyone?)do what I love and try to be happy every single time. It’s only natural when I told my friends I am doing a lot of things, their respond is ‘how can you do that with very limited time? You must be very busy and don’t have time to enjoy life’

Long short story, I am skeptical about Produce 48 but decide to watch it. The program starts in June and ended in August 2018, apparently it’s one of best decision I have this year.

All contestans are younger than me, even several contestants were born in 2004. In one clip, it was seen they practice their vocal, they practice their dance at night until dawn, they got scolded by trainers, but they keep smiling. They do enjoy it.


I am at peace this very moment, I am excited for the future, I am proud of my past.

P.S. : Next month I will be having chance to meet top 12 ‘izone’ I wanna thank them to be real inspiration for me.



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