Book That Changes My Life : Solve For Happy

Admit it or not, you want to be happy, everyone wants to be happy, all the time. Even those who chase fame, wealth, and power, eventually want to pursue happiness.

But how many of us feeling happy 24 hours a day ? how many of us feeling happy after experiencing unfortunate events in our life that happen everyday ? how many of us feeling happy after our expectation about our life everyday doesn’t match ?

This book change my life is such an understatement. This book change my perspective, my action, my attitude, my everything. I really hope it will change yours too.

Solve For Happy

Solve for Happy is book written by Mo Gawdat, successful businessman, entrepreneur, who previously work for IBM, Microsoft, and became Chief Business Officer of Google X. After he got really successful, he eventually realize that he was still not happy. Then he use the method he usually use as engineer, to find data, make trendline, to solve Happiness Equation. He was trying for years to formulate it. Also, the test come for his life. His beloved son named Ali suddenly has to leave him after medical error in hospital. His belief, approach, equation about happiness got tested.

Solve for Happy is really good book because it really gives basic concept about life, it shows as if myself talk to my inner self, usually Mo insert criticals question in between the concept, and give such an imagination that really hit our mind and emotion. It makes me reflect about my life.

This is also one thing I learn from the book.

We want to be happy. But usually we make a lot of things as prerequisite of happiness. For example we say that after we got successful, we eventually will be happy. Do you really need to be successful first before you can be happy ? Have you seen a lot of successful artists suddenly kill themselves ? Do you know why ? Also, we often make condition for our happiness. If I got X, then I will be happy. If I go to Y, then I will be happy. Success, fame, wealth, knowledge is not prerequisite of happiness.

Life is now. Now is amazing. Be Happy Now.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-14 at 09.10.25

There are too many things I learn from this book, for example difference between pain and suffering, tips and trick to control our thoughts, etc, but you better experience it yourself. You can buy the book through Amazon


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