The Next Big Thing in Philanthropy : Uyolo

Have you ever involved in volunteering activities ? Have you donate your money for good deed in your local communities ? What do you feel after you engage with these kind of activities ? Some youngsters want to make these kind of activities easier for you. They make social media for volunteering and philanthropy named Uyolo. You can visit Uyolo here


The reason why I promote and join Uyolo as Ambassador is because its vision. It wants to help NGOs, local organizations, local communities with good impact but somehow have difficulty for obtaining funds. It also wants to help good people who wants to donate small part of their money to good organizations. In general, Uyolo will become platform that connect both of them.

If you think about this, Uyolo will become Uber for Philanthropy. That is the easier term that I come up with to make people understand about Uyolo. Uyolo consists of several cofounders with solid background in volunteering, finance, and communities. Some of them are Alessandra Gargiulo, Audrey Touboulic, Yetoe Akakpo, Giulia Francesca Primo.

The term ‘uyolo’ seems not familiar with people, but it actually has great meaning. Uyolo is xhosa word of happiness. So you can imagine that what Uyolo will be doing will bring happiness for people in means of philanthropy.

It’s not about overpromise. Since the founders are deeply engage with philanthropy activities, I am sure right after the mobile app launch, it will start making great impact to society. They are also validating several great NGOs and local communities to become their partner, so the funder do not need to worry about their credibility.

Check also the interview of Uyolo CEO with JCU fellows

Imagine how big impact you can make with small amount of money you donate if it goes to right organizations.


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