Give and Take

There is orphanage near my home 🏡  named Yayasan Seia Sekata. It’s located on Bekasi Street No. 17, Jatinegara, Jakarta. They have 50 orphan there. The oldest one is in high school, the youngest in is baby 1 year old. As I went there several times, i witness that there a lot of people that need help the most. Also, i have witnessed that there are a lot of kind people in the world. They have 14 people as staff there that take care of children.

For those who want to help Yayasan Seia Sekata, you can go there directly or donate through my friend social site Kapiler

What orphanage need the most actually is for its daily life, for instance food, rice, transportation cost for its student, etc.

But beyond that, I believe people in orphanage need mentor the most. Mentor who can guide them, mentor who can inspire them, mentor who can help them. Because the concept of giving only for orphanage prove to be less effective and not sustainable. We should empower them. The best way to empower them is to make them keep going by being mentor or someone they can look up to. I am still figuring out how to do that.

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