Role Model

These past 3 years, my life is full of ups and downs. There are a lot of things I experience for the first time. There are a lot of things happened during these short of times. At one time, I was not sure about my life, about my purpose, about my future. There are a lot of thoughts come that sometimes make my head hurt.

But also, I have known several people that really help me grow as I am today. Most of these people are people who don’t even know me, but still, they make big impact for my life.

1. SNSD Seohyun


Seohyun is my first favorite in Kpop. I knew her since 2011. She is very kind and well-mannered. She is maknae (the youngest) in SNSD, so she is very polite to her unnies. But she is very firm when it comes to her principles. Today, she become very successful as member of Asia No.1 Girlgroup, actress, musical actress, as well as korea ambassador. Few days ago, she even become South Korea representative to sing in Pyeongchang Olympics 2018 opening. One of favorite quote I know from her is “People with good hearts are the ultimate winners”.

Quote Seohyun.jpg

2. SNSD Tiffany


Fany lost her mother at very young age, and it’s one of most heartbreaking story I know. But she didn’t lose hope. She was still eager to pursue her dream. So when she was still in elementary school, she decide to flew from USA to Korea to pursue her dream as singer.

Today, I would say Fany already inspire millions of SONE (SNSD Fans) to become better person. I admire her for being strong girl (and strong woman now) and her relentless to pursue her dream.


3. Kim Sejeong


Kim Sejeong is member of gugudan girlgroup, previously on IOI group.

I know her first when I watch variety shows about IOI in 2016. Then, I got attracted from her since she is very kind. So I try to watch all her shows and eventually up until now, I still look up for her.

What I admire about her the most is she is very kind. She help a lot of contestant in survival girlgroup competition named Produce 101, despite those contestant are her rival.

She comes from modest background. His parents are divorced when she was little, and she lived with her mother and her grandparents since then. She really looks after her mother and grandparents. She is very strong girl.

I know that in the past, before she debuted in IOI and gugudan, she must feel frustated for herself. She tried hard to become girlgroup member but it seems she was lacking. But sweat, effort, and times never betray you. The opportunity come as there was survival competition to debut girlgroup named Produce 101. She eventually become 2nd winner and become member of IOI for 1 year. Today, she is very successful and I would say she become korea entertainment bluechip. She starred in dramas, she has a lot of CFs, she is working hard as gugudan members as well.

She smiles a lot. Her smile is really beautiful and genuine. I would like to have life partner who also has beautiful smile like her šŸ™‚


4. Jeff Bezos


Bezos is founder and CEO of Amazon. He is currently the richest person on earth with net worth $120 billion. I admire him for his framework. Several framework I learn from him :

5. Elon Musk


Truth to be told, this guy is insane. When he sold his company paypal to ebay, He got $180 million and actually could use that money to do whatever he wants. But he chose to start companies that have genuine intention. He start Tesla to accelerate sustainable energy in transportation sector. He start SpaceX to make rocket become cheaper and eventually land people on Mars. He invest in SolarCity to accelerate solar power use in american residential homes. His net worth currently is $20 billion.

When you have so much money and power, you tend to abuse that. But what makes people different are the intention. I saw Elon Musk as genuine people who wants to save the world šŸŒ by providing electric car, solar power products, and reusable rocket šŸš€.


6. Lee Hwayoung


She is my korea friend, one of my best friend. We first met in 2014 for my exchange program, then we met again in 2017 for my short holiday. By meeting her, I am convinced that I can reach my dream as long as I give my best. During my short holiday, we met couple of times and talked a lot of things. We talked about culture, career, dream, life, technology, etc. I would say we share a lot of things in common. Right after I went back from my short holiday, I really accelerate myself to become better person, thanks to her. Recently, she just graduated from Dongguk university and will start her career in tech with VMware. May we meet again in the future whether it’s in Seoul, Jakarta, Singapore, Amsterdam, California, or Silicon Valley. You can read her blog here

I am sure you all have your own role model, someone you look up to, someone who become inspiration for you. Or even you can make yourself as your role model. It’s good if you keep going to go after your dream.

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