Start With Why : Why I Start Keripik Canthir

Recently, I read a book ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek. In short, the book give me life lesson that you should always have question WHY in your life, WHY you decide to do this, WHY you go there, WHY you choose this career path, WHY you live, etc. WHY is such a powerful question to dig deeper about everything. It’s human nature to surround ourselves with people who have similar WHY, so we can have TRUST each other.

start with why

This month, I start small business to sell cassava chips named Keripik Singkong Canthir in partnership with bu Muslimah. Why do I do that ?

keripik canthiir

My main reason is simple, I want to help my mom. My mom is 53 years old now, housewife, sometimes work as driver for ride hailing company Grab. The main purpose she sometimes work as driver is for my little sister education. I also help contributing for my sister education, as well as my dad, yet she feels the need to do it. As I am growing up, I realize that my parents are growing older. Based on what I know, If people only stay at home, without doing anything, the health may get worse. I want my mom to have something to do, productive yet light work. Working as driver for grab takes a lot of effort, handle customers with various personalities, not to mention traffic jam in Jakarta is worse. By asking mom to switch from grab driver into e-commerce seller, I hope she still can have productive activities, so she can still be healthy.

My second reason is to help small business. This business, Keripik Canthir, start with bu Muslimah, ex-TKI (housekeeper that work overseas). She is an amazing person that start business very late, yet she works very hard after going back to Indonesia. She eventually grow her business with over 6000 product sold every month. She also helps 8 housewives near her home to work making cassava chips. She also serves as motivator and speaker for Ministry of SME events.

bu muslimah

You can read more about bu Muslimah from these articles :

If we can grow small business, it means we can help a lot of people. I already have plan to hire two warteg chefs near my home to have training for making cassava chips from cassava with bu Muslimah, so hopefully I can help them. Profit matters, but I am more than happy if I can help people. Every night, before I sleep, I always try to find 3 things I feel proud of at that day. And most of it are all about helping people. It really makes me feel fulfilled. If you want to buy our product, you can visit Whatever you do, make sure you question WHY first, you will see the world better, and you will decide better.


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