Solar Home System for Indonesia

Do you know that there are still more than 30 million people in Indonesia that don’t get electricity access ? Those 30 million people live everyday without electricity. That means the children can’t study at night, or they have to take risk read a book near candle or petrol lamp. Can’t you imagine living, even for just one single day, without electricity, without your handphone, your lamp, without your air conditioner, etc ? These unfortunate people even have to experience it everyday. The question for us now is, do we have solution for this challenge ?


It’s time for us to step up to the renewable energy game. We have so many potential in Indonesia but we haven’t using it well. Solar energy is the answer for us to bring electricity spread across Indonesia.

It’s our duty to fulfill thousands MW installation to communities in rural areas, particularly in eastern part of Indonesia. Solar Home System is the best approach for this, since the sun shines brightly there, also it takes less than 1 hour to install, instead of waiting years building power plant. 1 hour. Yeah, there are Solar Home System (SHS) that only need 1 hour installation to bring light of hope to them. Lets collaborate together to make it happen.

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Last year I traveled to Pancawati Village, Bogor, just 2 hours from Jakarta. What I found is quite surprising, there are more than 600 homes don’t get electricity access yet. When I ask what is the hardest thing living without electricity, they respond ‘we can’t do anything when the dark comes’. It means they can’t be productive enough to do activities. Some of them sub rent (nebeng) though from their nearest homes that somehow get electricity with more expensive price. Can you imagine living everyday without light, fan, handphone charging ?

Thankfully, we are living in such era that provides technology product to improve their life. With solar home system, we can cover their basic needs. And I am even more thankful that there are some companies willing to do partnership with us to bring light of hope to hundreds of people in rural areas.

My very first Bright Future Program happened in mid 2016. I corporate with Village Chief (Kades) in Pancawati to make this as real project. Hopefully this solar power will also reach out more and more people in rural communities, mainly eastern part of indonesia, through Program Indonesia Terang (PIT) that I take part of it as well. If you want to collaborate with me for Solar Home System Project, contact me

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