Biggest Companies in The World

In this article, I would like to explain more about infographic of biggest companies in the world by revenue. The infographic is made by Fortune Magazine.


Note : the unit is in billion dollar.

Here are some interesting fact from this infographic.



Walmart is the biggest company in the world by revenue with $482 billion. Walmart is the biggest brick and mortar retail in America and world. With America population reaching 300 million people and most of them are middle to high class society, it’s no surprise Walmart get benefit from it.



There are a lot of oil and gas companies in the list, from multinational like Shell, BP, Total, to state-owned like Saudi Aramco and CNPC.

However, these oil and gas companies has lower revenue compared to previous years, probably because of two things, first is shale gas booming in USA that makes oil price around $35-50/barrel, and second one is the rise of renewables like solar and wind.


Samsung Hyundai LG SK

There are 3 south korea companies in the list : Samsung, Hyundai, SK

These three are conglomerate in South Korea and often called ‘chaebol’ for people in the family that own the companies. They really influence south korea economy activities. For example, Samsung revenue accounts for 16% South Korea GDP. Samsung is technology conglomerate that produce smartphone, home appliances, insurance, shipping, etc. Hyundai is automotive company that owns Hyundai and KIA brand. SK is energy giant in South Korea.


Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 9.47.18 AM

Apple is the most profitable company out of these companies.

Apple profit in 2015 is $53.4 billion. 2/3 Apple revenue come from iPhone sales, the rest are from Mac, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple services like Apple Music and AppStore. Also, Apple owns the biggest cash stock pile. Until August 2017, its cash stock pile reach $250 billion. This money can even buy Walmart in stock market.



Amazon as global e-commerce behemoth has highest growth out of these companies.

In 2014, Amazon revenue only reach $89 billion. In 2015, the revenue up to $107 billion. Then in 2016, its revenue reach $135 billion. So in one year Amazon can increase its revenue around $18-29 billion.

Amazon makes American retail like Walmart, Target, etc struggle because of its dominance in e-commerce space. Also, Amazon eat another industry like cloud computing, fashion, search, entertainment, music streaming, etc. It’s interesting to see Amazon movement in 2017. (Note : Amazon Revenue in 2017 is $177 billion!)



There are a lot of automotive companies in the list, starting from Japan’s Toyota & Honda, Germany’s Daimler and Volkswagen, and USA’s GM and Ford.

Toyota and Volkswagen compete fiercely to grab world biggest automotive company  crown, with sales around 10 million cars. However, in general automotive sales will decline mainly because of 3 disruption; 1) car ownership reduction by ride-sharing such as Uber, Grab, Lyft, Careem 2) electric car disruption comes from Tesla 3) self driving technology pioneered by tech company Google, followed by Uber, Nutonomy, drive,ai, etc.


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