Tips For Doing Well On Study

Three years ago, when I lived with my korea family for short home stay program, my korea parents asked me some tips to give to their kids how to do well on study. They think that I am quite accomplished in terms of study since I come from prominent university in Indonesia, as well as become youth ambassador for jakarta city.



They have three children, Chae-Eun (Grade 10), Chae-Rin (Grade 8), and Bong-Jun (Grade 5). They want me to share some tips especially for Chae-Eun. In South Korea, high school period is especially very hard. Students are expected to learn very hard all day. After school end, they go to additional class tutor right away til night. This apply not only for Grade 12 that will face national exam, but also for Grade 10 and 11. The reason is because korean universities acceptance rate is very competitive. In my personal opinion, education system in korea is harder than in Indonesia.

Here are some tips I gave to them. I believe this tips is universal, means you can apply it for everything.

  1. Know yourself, you should know which and what kind of learning method is the best and suitable for you. For instance, my method is first i read a whole chapter of a subject many times while making note of important things per point (it’s very important to make points with only keywords, not paragraph), second i will try to remember all point of my notes, third try to solve example of the problem, then try to solve the problem available while connecting every point of my notes (so you know the concept of the chapter), then you try make the question/problem by yourself and solve it.
  2. It’s very important that you understand the concept of a subject, not just remember
  3. While making notes, use colorful pen like blue, red, and black. Blue is the most effective one to be remembered by our brain.
  4. While learning, try to chew gum because it can increase brain activities
  5. While learning, try to listen to ballad songs you like. Emotion can attract brain activities.
  6. On the day of your test, try to predict the problem on the test. The question is, how to predict it ? First you should know the character of your teacher. Do she/he likes the answer to be solved per point or per paragraph ? Do she/he likes to give unpredictable question ? and something like that.
  7. Love every subject you have. If you don’t, it’s hard to master those subjects. You have to find something that you feel interested in a subject. For example, i like math because i know this subject will help me in terms of money and finance if i can master it. Then, i love chemistry because i can help the environment if i know what kind of compounds or substance is dangerous and should be reduced by ourselves.
  8. If you have chance, try to play games that can increase brain ability, for instance puzzle, rubix, and sudoku.
  9. Be confident in everything ! even if you’re not, pretend to be confident. One day you will realize that it’s not pretentious anymore, it’s the real confidence

The good news is, this year omoni said that Chae-Eun finally got accepted for sport medicine major in university. She said that it is her dream to become sport doctor. I am so happy for her I will keep supporting her. By the end of this year, I will meet them again since I will travel to South Korea together with my friends. I look forward for it 🙂

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