Elon Musk on Renewable Energy and How Indonesia can Learn from him

Elon Musk is probably one of most favorite entrepreneur for most millennials who pursue entrepreneurship. He inspire so many people to dream big, achieve big, and transform how billion of people live to be better. You can see his work in Paypal, Tesla Motor, SolarCity, and SpaceX.

Musk with the Tesla Model S in Fremont on Oct. 1, 2011.

Most people know Musk as CEO of Tesla Motor. We know that Tesla is disrupting automotive industry by creating high-end and affordable electric car. If you go to USA, you will see many people proudly drive their Model S, Model X Tesla. However, Musk is not only active in disrupting automotive industry. Musk is also major investor and chairman of Solar City. I particularly highlight his path in renewable energy since this is a sector that play important role to all of us, in present and the future. As of today, SolarCity is the second solar power company in USA. And in mid June 2016, Musk reveals his master plan ‘Master Plan Part Deux’ to integrate Tesla Motor with Solar City, to make even greater impact. Integrating these two companies will allow them providing integrated solar roofs and battery systems to power homes and commercial buildings as well as cars.

We need more people like Elon Musk, especially in our country to accelerate renewable energy development. The Master Plan from our nation president is definitely great, plan to reach 23% renewable energy usage in energy mix in 2025. But this can’t be done only by government and major state-owned companies like PLN or Pertamina alone. We need more people, more inventors, more investors, more entrepreneurs to play active role in renewable energy sector. I see thousand of Indonesia youths study and do research in countries that have advanced technology in renewable energy like USA, Germany, Denmark, South Korea and they will go back to our country very soon to make greater impact here.

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